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Maintaining an investment property

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Easy ways to protect your investment

Our funding products may assist in deferring payment of costs relating to:

  • Repairs & Maintenance
    When issues arise, make sure you act fast

  • Renovations
    Attract better returns: Painting, electrical, plumbing, flooring

  • Property fees
    Insurance, Body Corp, Property Management

  • Marketing
    The greater the number of people who see your property, the more attention you will generate

Key benefits

✔ Up to $50,000

✔ Fast & simple

✔ Single or 4 repayments

Disbursed funds to nominated Partner or

    personal bank account

If you are not selling your property, your application will be subject to our serviceability assessment. Please refer to our “Important Information Section” before applying. 

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Select from three different plan options

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Deferring property expenses with Elepay couldn’t be any easier. We are Australia’s Pay Later specialist exclusively for property owners.

  • Choose between a single repayment at the end of the plan or 4 repayments spread over the last 45 days.

  • Funds will be in your account or paid to our nominated partner within days  - it is that simple.

Request access to our exclusive Elepay Calculator

*Terms and conditions apply. For approved applicants only. Loan terms are for a maximum period of 62 days. Elepay may offer an option allowing eligible customers to enter into a further loan.

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