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Privacy Policy

1. Application for this Privacy Policy


  1. This privacy policy (‘the Privacy Policy’) applies to Elevare Pay Easy Pty Ltd ACN 634 728 591 (‘Elepay’) and its affiliates and related companies.

  2. This policy explains how we collect, manage and use Personal Information, including but not limited to Personal Information collected via our websites, customer dashboard, forms, email, cloud-based services or any other communication platform used by Elepay. 

  3. Elepay is committed to respecting the privacy of your Personal Information and to adhering to the principles set out in Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles ('APPs').

2. Our Products

  1. In this Privacy Policy we refer to any product or service that we provide as our Product or an Elepay Product. This includes any service, function, feature or technology offered or operated by Elepay including, but not limited to, those found on any of our platforms including our website, landing pages, mobile applications, QR Code, partner portals, customer dashboard, links within our marketing campaigns and social media pages (including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook). 

  2. Elepay enters into partnership, referral or joint venture arrangements with external third parties for the provision of our Products or our Partners’ products to or for you. This includes (without limitation) other merchants, agents, external suppliers, associated entities, brokerage companies or insurance providers who may provide their services separately for you. In this policy, we refer to these parties as our "Partners".

  3. Our Partners are independent of Elepay and may have privacy policies and procedures which differ from our Privacy Policy. You may contact any of our Partners directly for further information on their privacy policies. 

  4. Our platforms may contain links to third party websites. Elepay is not responsible or liable for the content contained in these linked sites and such sites are not subject to this Privacy Policy. 

3. Collecting Personal Information

  1. We collect and store certain Personal Information through your use of our Products or when you otherwise interact with us, such as: 

    • enquiries about, or applications for, the use of our Products; 

    • visit our website or use our digital protects; 

    • participate in any marketing or sale campaign or surveys.

  2. If you use (or make an application to use) any of our Products, we may collect the following types of information, including without limitation:

   3. We may obtain information about you through any other means for the purpose of complying with our policies or legislative

   requirements, such as anti-money laundering laws.

4. Using Personal Information

  1. We collect, hold and handle Personal Information about you that is necessary for us to provide our Products to you or that is otherwise reasonably necessary for our business activities or compliance with the law. 

  2. We may use your Personal Information for various purposes, including (without limitation) the following: 

5. How we share Personal Information with other parties

  1. We may share your Personal Information with:

    • our affiliates, related companies, employees and contractors;

    • our Partners, suppliers, service providers and strategic referral partners (including our external referral partners, who Elepay has entered into referral arrangements with to enable the offering of our Partner’s products or services to you. This may include financial or property investment companies, investors, insurance providers, brokerage firms, auditors or other financial firms; 

    • any other supplier, merchant or agent relating to your agreement with Elepay;  

    • any financial institution, third party payment providers, superannuation firms or other financial service providers which is necessary for our business operations or your arrangement with Elepay;

    • credit reporting bodies and collection agencies. When we share your Personal Information with a credit reporting body, we authorise them to use that information for the purposes of providing their credit reporting services to us; 

    • entities that we plan to merge with or be acquired by or who may invest in us;

    • government or regulatory bodies, legal officials, legal representatives and other third parties for law enforcement purposes; 

    • your nominated referees,  alternative contact person and appointed representative; and

    • other third parties with your consent or direction to do so (including guardian, security providers);  

    • any joint owner of real property owned by you, which is nominated as security of our Product provided to you; 

  2. You acknowledge that any of those third parties may be situated outside Australia, where the laws that relate to Personal Information may vary from those in Australia. When we disclose your Personal Information to a person outside Australia, we will take reasonable measures to ensure that your information is held, managed and accessed in accordance with appropriate standards.

  3. You consent to us disclosing your Personal Information to any person and in such manner as is reasonably necessary to enable us to supply our Products to or for you.

6. Consent

  1. By providing us with your Personal Information, you explicitly consent to us using, disclosing and managing your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.  

  2. You acknowledge that if you refuse to provide your Personal Information or consent (where and as required) then the provision of our Products to or for you may be denied or affected. 

  3. You acknowledge that we may suspend, cancel or refuse to provide any of our service or Product to you if you fail to provide us with your Personal Information or any required consent as requested by us.  

7. Marketing and subscription

  1. We may use your Personal Information to send marketing information about Elepay’s or our Partner’s existing or new Products, services or other offerings from time to time. You may unsubscribe from these marketing materials or update your communication preference by contacting us or selecting the unsubscribe option on the marketing material we send you. 

  2. You acknowledge that unsubscribing from marketing materials may take up to five (5) days to process. Once you have unsubscribed, we may still continue to contact you for non-marketing purposes (for example, to manage your plan with Elepay or to deal with any payment or service issues). 

8. What about cookies and browsing services?

  1. Our website and other platforms may utilise cookies or online services which track IP addresses. These are used to enhance your user experience by offering more tailored and efficient online services. 

  2. We may share certain cookies information to third parties for the purposes of verifying your identity and your plan details and to facilitate the provision of our Products to you. We may also disclose such information to third party analytics or online advertising suppliers for advertisement purposes. 

  3. You are able to disable or block these cookies through the setting function of your browser. However, by disabling or blocking cookies you may interfere with your access to, and the functionality of, some or all parts of our Website and the provision of our services to you. 

9. Protecting Personal Information

  1. We will keep your Personal Information secure and confidential by taking reasonable steps to protect it from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, use, modification and disclosure.

  2. We review our internal processes regularly to ensure that we provide your Personal Information with a high level of protection. Despite the measures we take, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will be absolutely secure. By providing your Personal Information to us, you agree to accept all security risks associated with the transmission of your Personal Information. 

  3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not be liable for any damage, cost, liability, expense or loss arising out of, or in connection with, the collection, use and storage of your Personal Information by us (whether direct or consequential damages) including identity theft, loss of profit or legal costs. 

  4. We will retain your Personal Information for as long as it necessary for our business operations or as required by law. When your information so no longer required, we take reasonable steps to destroy and de-identify it. 

10. Our Legal Obligations 

  1. We take the privacy of your Personal Information seriously and in addition to safeguarding your rights pursuant to this Privacy Policy, we also ensure that we comply with our legal obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws (AML/CTF Laws).

  2. We are subject to the AML/CTF Laws which may prohibit or restrict the Products we provide to you or our transactions with you. This may (without limitation) include the refusal or denial of release of monies relating to your plan or other types of identification checks being carried out on you.   

  3. You agree that we will not be liable to you (or any person) for any loss suffered as a result of any act or omission by us in relation to any AML/CTF Laws or our interpretation (or misinterpretation) of any AML/CTF Laws.

11. Your rights 

  1. Subject to any agreements you may have with us and any applicable law, you have certain rights to your Personal Information that we hold. These include: 

    • you may access your Personal Information (including your credit information) free of charge. We will endeavour to deliver information requested by you within a reasonable time and should we refuse to supply the information requested, we will notify you of the reason for our decision. In some cases, we may refuse to give you access to certain information (for example, if it affects the privacy of another person);

    • it is important that you update or correct your Personal Information from time to time by contacting us or through your Elepay customer portal; and 

    • you may instruct us to stop using your Personal Information for direct marketing purposes.

  2. We will use best endeavours to comply with any requests you have regarding storage of your Personal Information. However, you acknowledge and accept that we may be required by law to keep your Personal Information kept on record for a minimum period of time. 

12. Communications 

  1. From time to time, we may use your Personal Information to communicate with you regarding our Products or the products of our Partners, which we think may be of interest to you. 

  2. We may contact you via various means including (without limitation) by email, telephone, mail, SMS or other electronic means. or 1300 019 417. 

  3. You are able to opt out of our direct marketing communications via the opt-out link provided in the message or contacting us at

13. Changes to this Privacy Policy 

  1. We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Any change made to our Privacy Policy will be effective once published on our Website. We may notify you via email or mail of any change to our Privacy Policy which we believe may materially affect you. 

  2. If you wish for us to notify you regarding updates to our Privacy Policy, then please contact us directly to discuss.  

14. Queries or Complaints 


  1. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your Personal Information or this Privsacy Policy, please contact us directly as follows: 

Elevare Pay Easy Pty Ltd 
Phone: 1300 019 417


   2. We aim to acknowledge receipt of all correspondence from you within 5 Business Days and to resolve all matters within 21

       Business Days. 

   3. If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your query or have any complaints regarding our products or procedures, you may

       contact the Australia Financial Complaints Authority (our member number 96789):  

Australia Financial Complaints Authority
GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001 

Telephone: 1300 931 678



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